Defend The Earth!

Use your plasma tank to defend the hordes from the incoming space invaders!

The Story So Far....

Take control of the newly developed Plasma Tank and defend the earth from the incoming hordes of alien Arkanoids! Use your plasma balls to knock them out of the sky, all the while avoiding their bullets and collecting their debris to power-up your tank... This exciting and innovative arcade game takes the best of breakout-style games and mixes it up with the all-time-classic space invaders to create something new and fresh to entertain and excite!


  • Challenge Mode: 32 levels of increasing difficulty! Can you get the best scores and times for each of them?
  • Infinite Mode: Play until you drop! Can you beat your own hi-scores? Unlock new enemies by playing the Challenge levels...
  • Classic Mode: Unlock classic mode to play a traditional game of Space Invaders!!!
  • The game also features 10 different enemies and 11 power-ups for your tank, as well as special boss levels!
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