Microscope Madness

Mutant motile cells have escaped their cultures and are trying to reproduce!!!

Can you stop them before they mutate the egg cells and take over the planet?

The Story So Far....

This game is a frantic “bounce-em-up” physics game where you must set the power and direction of the egg cell and squash all the motile cells before they can remove the protective coating of the egg and mutate it. However, not only have the motile cells mutated, but some other benign cells too which you can use to “power-up” your egg cell! Just as well, since the motile cells are evolving fast and some of them even have special abilities… 

Game Trailer


  • Frantic physics-based bouncing fun
  • Multiple power up cells… Lightning attacks, shields, spikes and many more!
  • Multiple enemy motile types to challenge your skills
  • Three levels of difficulty
  • Massive boss motiles that require accurate bouncing to defeat
  • Multiple achievements to attain
  • Local and online highscores
  • Game checkpoints so you don’t lose progress if you have to stop playing
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