Lab Rat Jonny

Gotta clean up the lab!

A retro-styled homage to the classic platformers of yesteryear! With a few modern twists, of course... ;) 

The Story So Far....

Jonny is a lazy, good-for-nothing lab assistant that only wants an easy life. When they're not cleaning (badly) the laboratory where they work, you can find them snoozing in the broom closet... Until one day a mysterious experiment with Dark Matter goes awry and Jonny has an awful lot of cleaning up to do!


  • Massive metroid-style map with over 200 rooms!
  • Incremental skillset that includes swimming, dashing, and more
  • Hundreds of unique enemy designs
  • 6 unique biomes
  • Challenging puzzle rooms
  • Skill based platforming action
  • Multiple achievements
  • Hidden areas that give a nod to pop culture... can you find them all?
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