Gravity Sucks

Help the little robot collect all the shiny stars!

jump from planetoid to planetoid, collect all the shiny stars, but watch out for the aliens and other obstacles and don't run out of power!

The Story So Far....

In this game your task is to get the little robot to the mothership by jumping between planetoids while collecting fallen stars and avoiding aliens and other obstacles, all while trying not to run out of power. Your power is constantly draining - and jumping will use it up even faster - so make sure to collect any batteries that you find on the way! You'll get a points bonus the faster you get back to the mothership too, and an extra bonus based on the battery power you have left, so you better get a move on! 


  • Infinite levels
  • Highscores
  • Cute graphics
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Challenges unique to the GX.Games platform
  • Touchscreen support on GX.Games
  • Mouse, keyboard and Gamepad Support On PC and GX.Games
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Get Gravity Sucks On Now!

Gravity Sucks On GX.Games Now!
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(Requires the Opera GX browser to play)

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