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A selection of games that have been made for various game jams and competitions

Ping on!
Get Ping On Now!

This game was made for the August GMC Jam, which had the theme “Two Sides Of The Same Coin“… So with that in mind I decided to make a version of the arcade classic “Pong”, only instead of playing one side or the other, you play BOTH sides! The game is simple and can be played using either keyboard or gamepad, but I recommend that you play with the gamepad as using two thumbsticks is much easier than trying to use keyboard.

The game can also be played in 2 Player mode, where the player with the highest score after all the lives are lost wins.

Play Wac-A-Mammal On!
Get Wac-A-Mammal on Now!

You are a dinosaur facing extinction as the pesky mammals start to take over the savannah. Use your tail to show them that you are still king of the world!

This "wac-a-mole" style game was created in just 6 hours for the GMC Jam. The theme was "prehistoric"...

Get Plague Rats On!
Get Plague Rats on Now!

Plague rats is an experimental game, made for the 40th GMC Jam.

A secret government laboratory has accidentally released a virus that has turned the people in the surrounding city into zombies... In the chaos, a lab rat - also infected with a dangerous virus - has escaped... This rat has had it's intelligence augmented by the virus and can transmit this intelligence to any other rat it bites. Your job is to help this rat create a party, a swarm, a PLAGUE of rats and escape the lab. If you can do that, then who knows what these rats may one day achieve...

Little Nicolas on!
Get Little Nicolas on Now!

Little Nicolas is the unluckiest elephant in the world... After being fired from his circus job, he's been kidnapped by evil carnivorous mice who want to eat him for their dinner!!!

Unfortunately, since Little Nicolas is such a failure, there is little he can do about this, but that doesn't mean he won't go down without a fight.

This game was made for the GMCJam, and is 99% complete. Since this was for the Halloween Jam, the game is a bit gory (in a fun kind of way) so discretion is advised... ;)

Play Maggot In A Frying Pan On!
Get Maggot In A Frying Pan on Now!

There's a maggot in the frying pan?
KILL IT!!!!!
This game is a gameboy-style demake of the classic "Maggot In A Frying Pan" by Dadio, and was created in 8 hours as part of the GameMaker: Community Demake Jam.

As you may imagine, this is not a serious game, but it does have a definite end state if you're patient enough (or enough of a masochist?) to play it through.

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